Slovak - Chinese Joint Business CouncilSlovensko - Čínska podnikateľská rada

  • Slovak - Chinese Joint Business Council
  • Slovak - Chinese Joint Business Council
  • Slovak - Chinese Joint Business Council

About us

Slovak-Chinese Joint Business Council (SCJBC) was established on 26th March 2013 under the aegis of Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Council was established with the aim to deepen mutual relations and to search for closer cooperation forms between Slovakia and China in the field of trade, investments, industrial and technical cooperation, science, research, sport and culture as well. SCJBC acts in form of two national sections, there are organized joint meetings of them. Intention of national section of Slovak-Chinese Joint Business Council is especially to support the export of slovak products to worlds largest market as well as to offer chinese investors opportunities to invest in Slovak Republic.

Opportunities of new investments in Slovak Republic

Since the year 1993 when Slovak Republic was established as independent and sole state, this country went through dynamic changes and was transformed into modern european state with open economy reflecting global trade market. As EU member with stable and still rising economy, Slovak Republic offers excellent opportunity for chinese investors to expand not only to Slovakia but into European consumer market as well. Slovakia is known for high education level, highly qualified manpower, favorable geographical position in the middle of EU on the border of east and west Europe. Transparent tax system, transport connections and communication centers may also count advances, which let investors consider Slovakia as potential country to place investments. To invest in Slovakia means to open the gate to whole EU, which means relative lower starting investment in small EU country may be awarded by quick access and profit in the market of whole european economy area. During consideration about investment and particular investment activity it will be neccessary to consult all investment questions with someone, who knows Slovak buisness area very well and has adequate relations with business and government sector as well. These are the reasons why we would like to offer services of Slovak-Chinese Joint Business Council (SCJBC), which should act as first contact point for chinese investors heading to Slovakia and EU. On the other hand we would like to offer to Slovak entities, in cooperation with chinese partner organisation, opportunity of easier access and placing of slovak products on chinese market. We also see a space for closer industrial and technical cooperation which can lead to higher competitiveness.

Pripravované akcie


5.11.2020 - 10.11.2020

Invitation to the 3rd CIIE 2020 in Shanghai


5.11.2019 - 10.11.2019

Invitation to the 2nd China Interrnational Import Expo in Shanghai

China Brand Show Poland 2019

19.9.2019 - 21.9.2019

Exhibition invitation


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